Getting Started

The 3 most common types of material used in memorialization are granite, marble, and bronze.

Monuments are generally a standing upright type of memorialization that sits on a support base of the same material. If God put it in the earth, and man is mining it, we can usually get it.

Granite is available in an array of colors and is the most durable form of material for monuments.

Marble is another choice in memorialization. Like granite, marble has also been around a few million years. Generally a soft white material, it is characterized by some light to medium grey veining running through it. Our marble is quarried in Georgia, Colorado, and Italy.

Bronze is called the “Eternal Metal” and is used primarily for flat markers, statuary, and as ornamentation in combination with granite and marble. Some privately owned, corporation controlled, memorial parks or gardens only allow this material.

Markers are available primarily as flat or flush with the ground. They can also be raised in the back and not set at ground level if the client prefers. A variety of designs and personalization can also be used in markers.

Once you have determined your likes or what your particular cemetery allows, please browse our wide variety of available options.