Buying Online

While technology changes constantly, selecting just about anything is a click away. Some companies even sell memorials on the internet. The trouble is, they sell them, take your money, and then expect you to get someone else to install your monument.

It is like buying your eggs at the market and then taking them to your favorite restaurant and asking them to cook your eggs! The restaurant owner guarantees ‘HIS’ eggs; but in the meantime, the vendor has your money and has gone to ‘HIS’ favorite restaurant on your egg money! Hopefully his eggs were fresh, or you are the one with egg on your face.

The point is, you do not always know what you are buying when purchasing a monument on the internet. Some vendors are not aware of cemetery rules, regulations or monetary charges that may be assessed. How detailed and deeply engraved will your memorial be? Sometimes what looks good on paper doesn’t end up that way in the final product. Viewing designs on the internet is a good way to see what can be done and give you ideas for your memorial.

We, of course, can also provide your memorial. That is why you are looking at our website. The difference between us and other dealers is that we see it through from beginning to end. We do not ship it elsewhere to get someone else to install it…”it is our baby”… from start to finish!

Think about it, a monument professional will serve his customers first. They will eventually get around to the installation of yours…maybe? Remember the story about the restaurant owner who wants to sell you his eggs… He guarantees them!

Although we have taken monuments to New York and as far away as Jamaica, realistically we must limit our geographical area to serve our clientele.

We hope this has given you something to think about. Most monument companies can do whatever you see on other design pages as several designs are standard in the industry. In conclusion, work with someone you feel comfortable with, someone who has time to listen to your wants, and is not in the business strictly for the money or what they can sell you.

The old adage applies here…” If it is too good to be true… It probably is!”

Mark Kessinger – President of Everlasting Monument