Everlasting Monument Company, Inc. of Greensboro, NC has been designing and producing some of the most beautiful memorials in the world for over 40 years. Our offices bring over 100 years of quality service.

Each memorial is hand crafted for each individual or family. Nothing is “cookie-cutter” around here!

Attention to design and European craftsmanship is the RULE, not the exception.

You are treated as an individual with respect and dignity. You are our customer. We have not forgotten who keeps our lights on…you the customer! We are locally owned and family operated. Your purchase will not pay shareholders, CEO’s, or salesmen who only care about what is best for their interests…not yours. I’ve always based my philosophy in that “Not only is your name on that monument…Mine is too.”

Mark Kessinger

A monument is built because there was a life – not a death;
and with intelligent selection and proper guidance, should inspire reverence, faith, and hope for the living.